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Despite the fact that a damaged sewer line can cost thousands of dollars to repair, many people neglect to have a sewer scope inspection — especially since it isn’t typically included in the cost of a standard home inspection. However, a sewer scope inspection can save you quite a bit of money, and give you valuable peace of mind.

Infographic of how a common residential sewage system works.

How Does it Work?

A sewer scope inspection is exactly what it sounds like. A professional inspector will inspect the sewer line of your home by inserting a flexible borescope camera into your pipes. Then, the camera will be guided into the sewer line, which drains your home’s wastewater into the sewer system.

Using this camera, the inspector will perform a comprehensive inspection of the sewer line, and look for things like cracks, damage to the lines, roots that have grown through the pipe, and any other potential concerns. The process takes about an hour. Then, your inspector will tell you what they have found, and provide you with a comprehensive, written report about the sewer line’s condition.

How Do I Know I Need One?

Everyone who is purchasing a home should have a sewer scope inspection. Periodic sewer scope inspections are also a good idea if you own a home, to ensure your pipe is in good condition. A few signs and indications that an inspection may be needed include:

  • Water that is backing up inside the house
  • Large trees that are growing near the sewer line area. Their roots may constrict or damage the pipe
  • A home that was built 25+ years ago, which could have clay sewer pipes. Clay sewer pipes can be easily damaged
  • There are extremely green and lush patches of grass near the area where the sewer pipe runs, indicating a leak

The Benefits Of Sewer Scope Inspections

  • Save money and headaches

    The cost of repairing a sewer pipe can be more than $125 per foot of pipe. This means that a sewer scope inspection could easily save you thousands of dollars if it reveals an issue with a home’s sewer pipe.

  • Get more leverage when negotiating a home purchase

    If you notice damage to the home’s piping when making an offer on a home, you can negotiate concession and repairs from the home seller, or exercise your inspection contingency and back out of the sale.

  • Peace of mind for a low cost

    Sewer scope inspections are very affordable, and provide you with valuable peace of mind. If the results are clear, you’ll know your pipes are in good condition. And if there is an issue, repairing it early will save you time and money.

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